Platinum Plus/Junior Features :

  • 16 independent heat zones
  • Precise fogging and cooling systems
  • Feed management with integrated overflow alarm and shutoff
  • Current sensor for monitoring power consumption
  • Low water pressure alarm
  • Up to 80 heavy-duty relays
  • Fail safe emergency relay
  • Static pressure control
  • Detailed alarm and event log
  • Modular system to meet specific requirements
  • Complete remote communication with real-time visual outlook
  • Large LCD graphic display
  • On-screen help and graphs
  • Data plug for easy data transfer
  • Large & friendly numeric keypad
  • Smart On/Off/Auto override switches
  • Battery backup option (12 V)
  • SD card port to save history & update software

Functionality :

A Platinum Plus/Junior provides the grower with a large variety of functionality:

  • Digital inputs provide data on the feed count , water meter, feeder overtime, auxiliary alarm.
  • 0 to 10 volt analog outputs enable control over light dimmers and variable speed fans.
  • Growers wanting to control their feeding operations as well as collect the data needed to properly analyze their operations can connect the controller to bird, feed and silo scales.
  • Full control via a PC (both locally and remotely) is possible by installing a communication card and by connecting the Controller to aRotem Communicator.
  • An optional digital input/analog output combo card frees a card slot, thereby enabling even more functionality.