Ecolite Curtain EC For Broilers

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently

Easy on Initial Investment, High on Performance

  • State of the art broiler complex installed with the latest automated equipment designed to help you grow broilers most efficiently for your slaughter house
  • Low cost broiler contract model houses made for the cost-conscious contract farmer who can recover his infrastructure cost in 3.5 years on growing charges.
  • Technologically superior zinc-aluminium coated sectional frames ensure long life, 120 km/hr wind resistance at an economical price
  • Our houses are incorporated with many practical features on drinking, feeding & ventilation to make farmers day to day operations easy & convenient.
  • Our years of experience & technical team of experts can provide training & hand-holding for the first batch
  • Result is you get efficient bird performance & low FCR and excellent EPEF.

Deals you simply canʼt resist

Our houses start out at very pocket-friendly rates and are designed for quick returns on your investment.