Closed Tunnel EC Houses For Broilers Packages

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently.

  • State of the art broiler complex installed with the latest automated equipment designed to help you grow broilers most efficiently for your slaughter house
  • Strong optimally designed structures with the ability to withstand high windloads of 140km/hr.
  • Fully closed houses ensure there is no scope for leakages and negligible long term maintenance.
  • Extreme high level of insulation results in effective climate control with low operating costs.
  • Nipple drinking system comprised of Dhumal double seal technology with 10-15 bird capacity per nipple.
  • Automatic EZYPAN feeding system with feed saving Ezypan & LED control pan, capacity 40 to 45 birds.
  • Climate control system designed to 500 - 600 feet per min air speed and air exchanges within one minute.
  • Single storey, double-storey pre-engineered building options available for farms with high land cost or land constraints.
  • Wide Span houses of 16 meters & 32 meters (With Centre column) available as per request.