Who We Are?

The company was established in 1979 by Mr. Anil Dhumal. Since then it has become a pioneering force involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying of poultry equipment’s. We help our customers unlock new opportunities of continual growth. Our reputation is the result of many factors such as high quality of products and services, customer care, vast dealer network and long term customer relationship. Dhumal products are a class apart with their attractive and distinctive features and are synonymous in the market for their excellent quality and ease of operation.

Dhumal has been the cornerstone of evolution and growth by continuously investing in Research & Development combined with excellent business ethics. The company enjoys national leadership in its business, being the largest producer of drinking and feeding system in India, and has collaboration with leading international companies and also exports its products to many countries. We, at Dhumal take great pride and ensure that our customers always receive the latest and reliable technology in the market. We offer customized solutions, catering to your specific needs from open houses to sophisticated E.C. Houses.

Originality Counts....

Nearly two decades ago; Dhumal introduced for the first time in India; the Automatic Bell type Drinker and then the wide range of Plastic Poultry Equipment’s followed. In the rapidly evolving poultry industry, Dhumal products have stood the test of time because of its excellent product quality and after sales support. Today, Dhumal enjoys a Lion’s share of the market in installation of durable, sturdy and quality Poultry Equipment’s.

Dhumal Industries Endeavors....

Right from its inception, Dhumal has always believed in giving high quality products with increasing productivity and efficiency at the farm level. This has always been at the top of its list of priorities. Whenever farmers have a problem or for that matter any new requirement, they do not hesitate to contact Dhumal where new Ideas and Innovative Concepts are constantly taking shape. For this reason, the development and manufacturing of new Products comes naturally to Dhumal.