Vertical Farming for Breeders

The High Stocking Alternative For Breeders

  • Fully Closed or Side Curtain Houses for Vertical Farming for Layers and Breeders with multiple possibilities of automation.
  • Multiple probabilities on nos. of rows & tiers possible to best utilize the total cubic feet volume in the house.
  • Unique plastic metal composite design is best for bird comfort.
  • Dhumal Ezy-Throw Manure removal system allows for easy disposal of manure & clean, hygienic environment inside the house.
  • Our unique double seal nipples ensure the required flow rate with no leakages.
  • Automatic feeding trolley system to reduce manual labour work.
  • Efficient Climate Control designs ensures the system can reach wind speeds of upto 650 feet/min & performs even under high static pressure.
  • Optional Minimum ventilation packages with air inlets & louvers during cold weather conditions.
  • Our modular breeder design enables easy AI (Artificial Insemination) with possible placement of male birds in any or all tiers and rows.
  • The result is clean eggs with no hair cracks with easy egg collection.

Technical Specification

Bird Type House Capacity / No. of Birds
Broiler Breeder 15 m x 120 m 15,000 Birds 18 m x 120 m 20,000 Birds 20 m x 120 m 22,500 Birds 20 m x 124 m 30,000 Birds

Truly Turnkey Solutions Designed & Delivered

  • When you opt for Dhumal Turnkey solutions, it can truly reduce your burden of setting up a new vertical farming housing facility. Our team is present to handhold you from the very start and is aware of the current and standard operating procedures used in the industry. Depending upon the topography of the site and location, our team will conduct an in depth discussion with your operations and doctors to work out a solution best suited to local needs and environment.

    The structural analysis and design, anchor bolt plans, sub-structure foundations, and civil execution services are provided wherever agreed. The factory production of our prefabricated structured means that we have truly standardised and simplified the metal building system engineering.

    Typical Offering Value Addition

    We are one of the very few companies that can offer such a comprehensive offering


Design Consultation

Civil Draft & Consultation

Civil Drafts and Execution







value popostion for vertical farming

Our endeavour to strive for the Best in class products

  • Doors

    Doors are made up of plastic & very easy to operate. The plastic leaves no chance for corrosion, it's very comfortable for the birds and accounts for easy access to feed, and is easy to clean. Top opening doors with a guided track can be raised even with the use of a single hand. With a simple operation, it can be easily closed and locked in position.
  • Feed Thoughts

    Feed troughs are made up of high tensile galvalume material in 1 mm-thickness. The combination of Aluzinc alloy ensures a prolonged life of the cage. The external design of the trough is clever to avoid any spillage of feed and at the same time sturdy enough for labourers to stand on it for maintenance.
  • Partition

    Dhumal’s USP is the use of a more thermo-neutral and long-lasting material - Plastic, all across the different parts of the cage. The side partition and back partition perfectly intertwine with the Primary metal structure. The seamless integration ensures minimal manure accumulation leading to battery hygiene and corrosion resistance. The mesh-type design of the side partition is ideal to achieve better ventilation in the boxes, also comes with an optional arrangement to cut the sides and turn them into enriched as a future possibility. The assembly can be easily steam cleaned or pressure washed at the end of the flock.
  • Manual Removal System

    Our lego type installation arrangement of cages ensures that all the cage boxes are perfectly aligned & hence the manure removal belts are in working in a line. We take special care to maintain the stiffness of these polypropylene belts and also provide a welding gun along with the cages for timely preventive maintenance and smooth functioning. All the manure system parts are galvanised and the rollers are sent through a rubberised coating process to ensure their longevity and efficient working. Our unique differentiation is that every tier gets an independent motor and hence there is significantly less maintenance of belt breakdowns and accumulations due to breakdowns.
  • Egg Collection

    Our automatic egg collection system makes it very easy to collect all the eggs at one central place with the help of a cross conveyor. The gentle and soft automatic conveying reduces manual handling leading to naturally cleaner and less cracked eggs.
  • All Feeding

    All our cages come with a Trolley on Top track cart feeding mechanism with drop tubes for feed deliveries to all birds. Our patent-pending gravimetric feed measurement system ensures that each box gets the same amount of feed.

Broiler Breeder Female Box

Box Width Inch 18
Box Depth Inch 18
Box Height back Inch 22
Box Height front Inch 24
Height front Door Inch 16
Section Length ft 6
Box Area Sq.inch 324
Birds / Box As per breed recommendation
broiler breeder female battery cage
broiler breeder male battery cage

Broiler Breeder male Box Size

Box Width Inch 24
Box Depth Inch 18
Box Height Inch 24
Height front Door Inch 16
Section Length ft 6
Box Area Sq.inch 432
Birds / Box As per breed recommendation

* 30000 layer project can be expandable up to 45,000 with 1 additional row

House Dimensions Rows & Tiers No. of Birds
120 X 9 MTR 3 R 3 T 8000
120 X 10 MTR 4R 3 T 10000
120 X 15 MTR 6 R 3T 15000
eggs importance of climate control , energy efficiency , effective air treatement