It's been 40 years since we are associated with the poultry industry, charting new ideas in design & development and successfully converting them into useful products for Indian Poultry sector. Innovation and constant upgradation of poultry keeping equipment methods & in turn increasing the poultry productivity has been our prime goal. We are always focused on the need of our true customer. The chicken!! Keeping the chicken happy will lead to the grower making more profits. Our products are time tested, long lasting and economical. They give the farmer expected return on investment, thus generating “Real Value”. Dhumal products are measured as the standard in the industry and have always been considered as an ideal for quality.

We take this opportunity to mention that we have the widest range of products covering small farms as well as the big EC houses. Automation is the need of the hour now and Dhumal provides systems for water, feed and air ventilation which enables farmers to grow healthier chicken and achieve enhanced bird performance.

We now offer complete Turnkey solution right from design of houses, equipment, structures with installation and support. We are proud to mention that Dhumal is the only Indian Company with capability to design and successfully execute such turn key projects.

'Happy farmers and Happy chickens' has always been our aim and is our inspiration in developing new products for the Poultry Industry. Thank you for using our products which we are sure gives you the expected services and performance consistently.

Your Sincerely

Anil Dhumal

Akshay Dhumal

Anagha Dhumal