Automatic Feeding System

Easy Access Feeding System for Broilers

Poultry automation is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labour availability and increase in labour costs. Dhumal products are designed and built to last for years of quality services. The automatic Feeding Systems are ideal for the big farms starting from more than 4000 birds.

We offer a range of systems for broilers and breeders. While the broiler range is designed to focus on High FCR & lowest feed wastage, the breeder range target accurate feeding & ease of use to your workforce & managers at the farm.

The only feeder pan in the world that can adjust its height as well as diameter according to the age of the bird. Let the game changer feeder pan do the talking.

Boost your Productivity

Easy Access of Feed to Chicks

  • Lower the pan on ground
  • Pan opens up for chicks
  • Prevents chicks from entering the pan
  • No droppings, avoids cross-contamination.

Chicks reach entry point of Feed

  • Smaller Diameter and low Height of the pan allows the chicks to reach the entry point of the feed;
  • Stimulates Natural Instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of Feed in the First week.


  • Lower the pan on ground
  • No droppings, avoids cross-contamination
  • Easy access - chicks reach the entry point of the feed. Stimulates natural instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of feed in the first week
  • Manual adjustment of the feed supply: Manual setting of the regulator at I,II,III levels depending upon the feed, Setting required only once in the beginning. Just lift the regulator, turn & drop.