Control Panel For EC House

The Control panel helps control the total system, i.e. Feeding, Brooding, Fans & Controllers like AC-2000 and Platinum Plus and Junior etc..

Features of the panel [Front side]

  • Three phase indicators
  • Voltage indicator with selector
  • Alarm, audio and light flashing

Inside Arrangement

  • Main MCB 32 AMP
  • For each stage control or relay or device control separate MCB 4 amp, then the contactor mn9, with overload relay
  • Each panel with time delays so that when the electricity is interrupted, all the panels will not start at once
  • All the wires with proper identification
  • Separate power and control circuits


  • Total 8 relays available, we can use as under fans groups 5, heater 1, cooling 1, alarm 1
  • Two temp sensors and one humidity sensor
  • Option of using heater relay as fan relay
  • Auto manual option
  • Programmable from day one to day out
  • Data for all the days is stored min and max temp Humidity of each growth day
  • Cooling cut off at 85% r h
  • PC connectivity
  • Real time clock
  • 10 minimum ventilation features available