Cooling Pad 4545

Next generation cooling solution

Clima Pad Evaporative Cooling Principle

When hot air passes through the Clima Pad it comes in contact with water. Which evaporates and required thermal energy from the air. Clima Pad amplifies and turns such a simple natural phenomenon in to the most economical solution for providing optimal temperature and humidity. Made by specially-impregnated cellulose matrix, Clima Pad rapidly absorbs water and provides massive contact surface between air & water. When hot & dry air passes through the wet pad surface, evaporative process takes place & the air is cooled & conditioned.

Clima Pad 4515 Plus

For minimum pressure drop

  • Flute height: max 7mm
  • Cross angle a=45, b=15
  • Evaporation surface (per m):460sqm.
  • Nominal efficiency* - 88%
  • Nominal pressure drop*: 25Pa

Clima Pad Premium

The outside surface of The Pad has a special black protective coating to make it wear resistant during cleaning. This surface is constantly exposed to outside environment

  • Prevent bacterial/ algae/ mineral deposit to anchor on ClimaPad surface.
  • Harden ClimaPad surface so that it can be repeatedly cleaned without damage.
  • Can be applied to any Clima Pad configurations.

Clima Pad The more efficient cooling pad

  • Maximum Efficiency:
    Clima Pad is designed to provide maximum contact surface between air and water. Such massive surface enables an optimum cooling and humidification effect from evaporation.
  • Maximum Freshness:
    Clima Pad acts as a natural filter that purifies inlet air. Carefully designed flute angle directs water towards both the air inlet and outlet side; the water then intrinsically flushes away dust, algae, and mineral build up on the evaporation surfaces
  • Maximum Durability:
    Clima Pad is made of special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble chemical compounds to preserve its long working life in your system.
  • Maximum Toughness:
    Clima Pad, with proper water bleed-off and regular brushing, can be used in imperfect water and air condition
  • Solutions to any applications:
    Clima Pad has several configurations that can ensure the most suitable solutions to your various applications