Broiler Drinker

Broiler drinker has been specially designed for broilers. Its independent valve mechanism ensures steady water flow especially for Indian conditions. Even little dirty water will not chock the drinker. This drinker can be used right from day one to maturity.

Broiler Drinker is made of rugged high impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the ravages of the active hen house for many years. This Drinkers boasts of independent ballast bottle suspension and has no strain on sensitive valve mechanism. Dhumal Broiler Drinkers provide excellent water distribution. In free-standing position, the lip of the water channel is only 50 mm (2") above ground level & ensures a constant water level, fully adjustable to suit the chicks or the grower. The mechanism is so sensitive that only 10 gm water is enough to activate the system. An in line shut off built into each drinkers permits discontinuing water flow to any bell without closing down the supply to the whole poultry-house. This feature is particularly convenient when starting a new brood.

Capacity 50 Broilers
Diameter 365 mm
Trough 36 mm
Water level in trough 10 to 20 mm