Breeder Drinker

Range of Superior Bell Drinkers for Broilers, Layers and Breeders

At Dhumal, we have designed the Breeder drinker to be a Strong & Rugged product to with stand the ravage aggressiveness of the breeder bird.

The drinker provides adequate water for breeders while at the same time is stable to avoid spillage of water on the floor. Adjust drinkers to proper drinking height by keeping drinker a little higher than bird's neck. Integral bell makes the drinker sturdy for breeders. The Dhumal Breeder Drinker is self-cleaning, keeps the litter dry, has no drains and medications is easily distributed. The Drinker Bell is made of smooth, high impact polypropylene which allows no pitting, rust, corrosion, or bacteria build up.

Capacity 50 Breeders
Diameter 365 mm
Trough 40 mm
Height 375 mm
Water level in trough 10 to 20 mm