Sprinkler System Sprinkler SP-2

Sprinkler SP-2 is made from durable, ultraviolet stabilised polymer and non ferrous parts. No ball bearing to rust. The Sprinkler rotates by itself in opposite direction of spray. Sprinkler SP-2 is designed specially for poultry farms and Sprinkles just the optimum quantity of water on poultry roof. The roof is kept wet, which reduces the inside temperature of Poultry Sheds. If the Gunny curtains are tied at the end of A.C. Sheets/roof water falling from the roof will wet the Gunny curtain and air entering the shed will be cooled because of the wet gunny curtains. Water Dripping on ground increases humidity near poultry shed and by evaporative cooling reduces temperature. This system allows to lower the temperature in comparision with external temperature at very low prices and without using sophisticated equipment. Since these Sprinklers are not irrigation Sprinklers, water requirement of system is very low.

Key Features

  • Reduces high temperatures to prevent heat stress MORTALITY.
  • Reduces heat stress conditions, that eliminates negative impact of heat stress on egg size, shell quality and number of eggs produced.
  • Reduces costly permanent productivity losses, commonly experienced by hatching egg producers.
  • Reduces temperature by 4 – 8F or more.

Technical Details

  • Operates on 30 PSI water pressure
  • Covers radius of 10 – 12 feet.
  • Water output discharge – 50 liters Per hour at 20 feet water head.
  • Fits on 1” BSP adaptor.
  • Spray caps are threaded and can be removed to clean salt, dirt deposition if any.
  • No Lubricants needed.


  • Install the sprinklers every 10 to 15 feet on rooftop using 32 mm PVC Pipeline
  • Sprinklers should be fitted using 32 mm tee and female adaptor. The Pipe line is installed near the center of roof (see sketch).
  • Connect the pressure water source to Pipe line. Adjust the flow of water by valve to desired level. The sprinklers should be used intermittently.

1 HP pump is normally adequate to run 10 - 12 sprinklers. For 25 - 30 sprinklers, use 2 HP 2800 RPM monoblock pump. For 30 sprinklers, use 5 HP pump.