Nipple Drinking System

Range of Superior Watering Solutions for Broilers, Layers and Breeders

Dhumal the poultry watering expert provides range of nipple systems for broilers, layers and breeders. The wide range allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate suitable to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantee you optimum performance for best results.

Every Nipple Quality Tested And Tried

Dhumal is known throughout the industry for its quality systems. Dhumal's attention towards R & D, trained people and the use of the highest quality materials have made the products standard of the industry and a promise for optimum performance.

Easy Side Action for Day Old Chicks

The nipples with side action respond at any angles ensuring water even at the slightest touch. Even day old chicks, at the most critical stage of their growth, can easily activate the nipple.

Dhumal Advantage :

  • Fresh and clean water always
  • Heavier, healthier birds
  • Reduced mortality
  • Fewer contaminations

Cross-Section of Nipple - Unique Double Sealing

Water filled gap releases liquid at the slightest touch of the pin, facilitating use by baby chicks. Dhumal Nipples consists of only two moving parts. The innovative design provides unique double sealing and contributes further to the proven successful leak proof operation.


Line must be level. Maximum permitted drop of line without using Pressure Breaker: 15cm. Line Head Kit or Water Tank for central operation is available. During hot season, frequent flushing or constant flowing water is recommended

Type of Birds Recommended
Nipple Type Flow at Water Discharge Head 8” (200mm) Height Capacity
Commercial Broiler Grey Nipple 65 ml/min side action
90-110 ml/min raised action
12-15 Broilers
Commercial Layer in Cages (chicks) Yellow 35 ml/min side action
65 ml/min raised action
1 Nipple per Every Partition
Commercial Layer in Cages (growers & layers) Orange 65 ml/min 1 Nipple per Every Partition
Broiler Parents on Floor Dark Grey 110 ml/min 8-19 Broilers
Broiler Parents in Cages Green 110 ml/min 1 Nipple per Every Partition
Layers Parents in Cages Orange 65 ml/min 1 Nipple per Every Partition

Flow Rate vs. Inlet Pressure