Infraconic Gas Brooder

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Dhumal Industries proudly presents its Infra-conic Gas Brooder. The two metal surfaces formed by two concentric cones i.e. two heaters in one brooder, is the main feature of this gas brooder. Small cone gives less heat & the big cone gives more heat. Once the temperature inside the shed is maintained only the small cone can be kept ON (gas consumption is only 10%).

In infra-conic gas brooding the infra-red rays coming out from the brooder directly hit the skin of the bird thus increasing their body temperature inducing healthy growth and resistance power. Heat is evenly distributed and chicks have easy movement to adjust themselves according to their comfort level.

All brooders have a thermo electric security valve, which cuts off the gas inlet in case of accidental blackout or a failure in the supply system (COLD SAFETY). In case of a flame backlash (combustion near inlet point) the brooder is protected by the thermic fuse, which gets into failure when heater temperature gets growing in a non-usual way (HOT SAFETY). High quality burner increases the life of the brooder. The brooder can be washed with water under pressure.

For easy regulation of brooding temperature, the brooders can be controlled by
  • Manually: by adjusting pressure regulator
  • Control Panel (Automatic): Centralized System


  • Two heaters in one brooder
  • Perfect, obstacle – free distribution of radiation since this brooders work only on gas
  • Power can be adjusted progressively from 10% to 100%
  • No air filter, dust is automatically eliminated
  • The heater can be washed inside as well as outside with water
  • Full radiant surface even at low rating (small cone)
  • Hot and cold safety
  • Heat is evenly distributed. Hence better bird uniformity
  • Less mortality, healthy growth of birds
  • Less gas consumption and ease of operation
  • Temperature can be controlled and reduced in steps gradually
  • The conical shape of the brooder covers larger ground area & infra-red rays are directed towards ground only.
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Technical Specification

Model Consumption (g/h) Power Kw Recommended No. of Birds Dia Mm Weight Kg Control Panel
Min Max Min Max Min Brooder Max Brooder
1500 HP 12 105 0.16 1.45 500-750 290 0.75 24 Nos. 40 Nos.
5000 HP 40 360 0.55 5.00 1200-1500 425 2.50 12 Nos. 22 Nos.
Working pressure is from 20 to 1400 mbar Height of brooder should be min. 3 feet above ground level No air filter required