Fogger Timer

  • The timer is necessary for automatic start and shut down of the pump and the motor. Depending upon the location, wind velocity at the poultry farm, suitable cycle can be established. On Time and Off Time can be adjusted for 2 min. to 14 min. Normally 3 min. On and 7 min. Off Time is sufficient.
  • The Timer has inbuilt starter and thermal overload relay and therefore, a separate starter is not needed.
  • Power – 3 phase 3 wires supply should be given to the timer via main switch and 3 wires connection from the timer should be given to the motor.
  • Timer has single phasing prevention mechanism to safe guard against single phasing. If negative sequence indicator lamp glows during start-up, interchange the tow inputs wires keeping third in place. Low voltage and negative sequence indicators should not glow. Adjust the motor direction by changing wires at motor. (only if needed)


Water in the fogger system should be as clean as possible. A suitable filter of 100 microns should be used.