Dhumal Fogger are made from high quality resistant plastic. The water sprayed from the fogger is a very fine mist which evaporates by the time it reches the ground to a large extent and balance is effective in surface cooling of bird.

Comparative Wear Rate Test

Test Medium 2.5% Kaolin in water: Test Pressure 3 bar

Fogger Model Discharge ML/Min
Pressure kg/cm2(PSI)
3.5 (50) 5 (75) 6.5 (100)
M-4 100 125 150
M-8 250 310 360

Our foggers are provided with a filter and an inbuilt shut off valve which stops dripping of water in between the intervals. For maintenance you can easily open the fogger, clean the filter and other components and assemble again.


1. Reduces temperature by 9° to 10° Celcius.


  • Broiler Open Sheds: For a typical 30 feet width house, two fogger lines should be provided (40ft width houses 3 lines). Foggers can be fitted at 8 to 10 feet interval. Fogger nozzle position may be as per the enclosed Fig. No.1
  • Layer Sheds (Cages): Foggers can be installed on cages at every 8 to 10 feet pointing in upward direction. (See the Fig. No. II) M-4 fogger should be used with an extension pipe of one foot. Female adaptor should be provided with an inside taper so that ‘O’ ring fits inside properly and no leakages occur.
  • Install the Fogger line above on the cages as shown in fig. II e.g. 3 lines for three rows. If wind velocity is more than it should be reduced by putting gunny bags curtain at the edge of the shed. All the pipe line inside the shed should be 20 mm PVC 2.5 mm thick. Joints should be fixed with the help of PVC solvent cement very carefully. Pipes from pump to each shed should be 1” (32mm).

WARNING : Never use metal pins for cleaning clogged holes of fogger tip, instead wash the tips thoroughly with water or cleaning solution. If orifice still remains clogged, clean it with a fine bristle tooth brush.