Breeder Range

Makes feeding an easy task

Chain Feeding System

The Chain Feeding System which is imported from Ska (Italy) makes feeding an easy task. The Hoppers distribute feed throughout the house. The main feature is the flexibility of the system, its diverse number of components can be increased at any time and position, so that the system can develop as needed.

The Chain system can be on the floor if provided with legs for the trough couplers, on the slats with the couplers in specially designed supports or be completely suspended for daily or less frequent raising and lowering. Chain system avoids feed wastage and encourages the birds to behave naturally. Troughs for breeders are fitted with grids of various sizes and construction to prevent cockerels from accessing the females feed.

In addition to the comprehensive variety of drive units usually supplied, there is a version that is controlled by inverter that allows the feed chain to be under less tension, reducing the risk of breakage. The chain speed can be selected and changed according to customer’s needs, from 12 m/min. to 38 m/min. Thanks to its high efficiency, this drive unit provides significant savings on energy costs.


  • Non corrosion metal.
  • All breeders are fed simultaneously.
  • Significant savings on energy costs.
  • Less labour needed.

Semi-automatic Winchable Lines

Semi-automatic Winchable Female Parent Lines are a simple, economically effective yet highly accurate option available for your breeder layers reared on the floor. Jumbo Female Parent Feeders with 16 holes are suspended on the pipe with the help of an additional metal extension provided to fix the feeders on the non-corrosive pipe. A central Hoisting mechanism is provided in the middle of the shed which is the part of the winching mechanism. Thus all the feeders are risen up and lowered down simultaneously, and all birds have equal, uniform & instant access to feed.


  • Highly accurate & controlled feeding is possible in the house.
  • All breeders are fed simultaneously, results in excellent uniformity in the house.
  • The system is economically effective, comparatively less laborious than manual suspended parent feeders.
  • Feeders are tightly fixed on the pipe, no swinging than for Feeder suspended with the rope.
  • Also been preferred in GGP operations.