EzyCup with Gray Nipple

Easy Cup is a revolutionary product in the poultry industry, specially designed to meet needs of modern farmers. EzyCup is perfectly used for the little one day old birds as for heavy finishers.

For one day chicks one can lower the line in such a way that cups stand on the floor and as the birds grow, rise the line up.

EzyCup is installed on the Drinking line along with a Gray Nipple. For every 2 Grey Nipples with Tray 1 EzyCup is recommended.

EzyCup is perfect for hot weather conditions

  • The water in the pipe gets hot, and when it comes to the cup, it cools down due to the natural evaporative cooling effect.
  • Level of water in the cup is automatically regulated.
  • Thus, birds always have access to fresh cool water.
Capacity 25-30 Commercial Broilers per EzyCup, 50 Chicks
Usage From Day 1 to Maturity
Water flow 90 ml/min