Eco Struct

Eco Struct

Eco StructAdvancement in poultry genetics has led to shorter bird growing cycle. A different style of bird management is needed to manage the highly productive birds, which produce more body heat. It is very important to have a proper balance between bird heat and poultry house heat dissipation capacity to maintain birds in thermo neutral zone. This will help to realize the true genetic potential of the bird and reduce Mortality.
With bio security becoming the foremost primary concern, a number of security measures are being taken to improve farm security and bird welfare, comfort and clean house area. Proactive poultry farmers realize importance of running poultry house easier and less expensive to maintain cleanliness.
Cooling System is necessity now.
Dhumal Industries is the pioneer of manufacturing quality poultry products for more than 30 years, offers the perfect solution to optimize bird performance and achieve high productivity.
Dhumal's complete package offers innovative,economical and technologically advanced products to give you an edge over your competition. With years of experience in poultry industry, we are offering optimum solution for poultry structures.

Poultry House Structures

With in-house facilities from cutting to painting, we offer fastest End-to-End solutions. We use only high tensile strength steel to manufacture different components of structure which in turn reduces total steel requirement. It also enhances quality and life of structure and equipment installed inside.


  • Manufactured at our facility and only erection at customers site
  • Well planned, categorized material dispatch
  • Easy and simplified erection: Nut & Bolt Assembly
  • Negligible welding at site

Eco Struct Highlights

  • Better Structure Quality
  • High Tensile Steel Material
  • High customization Possible
  • Cost Saving – upto 20 to 35 %
  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Optimized Design
  • Lighter Structure

Sr. No. No. of Birds Shed Size(L X W) MTR Housing Drinking Feeding Climate Control
1 2000 18 X 10 Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Compact ARD Feeder V2 Electric Brooder
2 4000 36 X 10 Pre-Painted Roofing RDP 003    
3 5000 45 X 10 Purlins Filter 007 Mini Chick Feeder FAN 36”
4 6000 54 X 10 Chainlink Walls Piping    
5 8000 72 X 10 Lighting Water Tank Feeder Set Insulation