Battery Cage System With Tunnel EC

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently

  • Fully Closed or Side Curtain Houses for Battery cages with multiple options for automation.
  • Multiple probabilities on nos. of rows & tiers possible to best utilize the total cubic feet volume in the house.
  • Unique Battery designs aimed at increasing ventilation in the cages.
  • Dhumal EZY-THROW Manure removal system allows for easy disposal of manure & clean, hygienic environment inside the house.
  • Our unique double seal nipples ensure the required flow rate with no leakages.
  • Optional Automatic feeding trolley system to reduce manual labor work.
  • Efficient Climate Control designs ensures the system can reach wind speeds of upto 650 feet/min & performs even under high static pressure.
  • Optional Minimum ventilation packages with air inlets & louvers during cold weather conditions.
  • Our breeder battery packages enable easy AI (Artificial Insemination) this high tensile high stocking density, low FCR & day manure.
  • The result is clean eggs with no hair cracks with easy egg collection.
  • Our breeder battery packages enable easy AI (Artificial Insemination